Ice is a weed strain created by combining a pure Afghan Northern Light with a Skunk marijuana plant.


ICE is Indica-dominant. It is a little plant that grows no more than 1 m high. It has a strong indica inclination, as seen by its enormous fan-shaped leaves.

It produces roughly 50 g per plant, or 300-400 g/m2 when grown under a 600 watt bulb.

Those who like doing their own Haschich extractions may appreciate the fact that ICE finishes blooming entirely coated with white resin glands.

Outside, ICE is adapting very well to the Californian or the Mediterranean climate.

This strain has a calming effect that is ideal for bedtime. Ice will grow very well in hydroponics.

Height: 100cms

Ready Mid September

Flowering: 8-10 weeks

Production: 50gr/plant indoor

Effect: Physical

THC: Medium-High

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